One of my main research interests is to integrate fundamental research in practical tools and applications. If possible I try to make the results available as open source.

In particular, my recent coding was devoted to two projects:



Vikamine is a Java-based open-source data mining environment, which is specialized on the task of subgroup discovery. It features a core library with state-of-the art algorithm as well as an interactive mining interface for visual exploration.

More details can be found on the Vikamine project page.



Respix is an open-source tool implemented in Java that aims at easy-to-use reporting and data analysis. Data reports are specified in standard spreadsheet tools (such as MS-Excel or LibreOffice Calc). These documents are then interpreted and transformed by the Respix interpreter using data from a SQL-database or .csv data file.

The markup language can be easily extended, enabling project-tailored report specifications. The extension mechanism also allows the easy integration of additional libraries for data access, analysis or visualization.

More details can be found on the Respix project page.